The Silver Guardian

ვერცხლის მცველი

High school student and gamer Suigin Riku attends the prestigious Shinryou Private Academy, a school for the elite and the children of the wealthy. But rich or wealthy are not words that describe Suigin; in fact, he is dirt poor and must work many part time jobs to pay for his tuition. During one such job, he dives into a pool to save his pet cat, fully aware that he cannot swim. Luckily, he is saved by Rei Riku, the beautiful and popular daughter of a game developer, and he falls in love with her.

He is also drawn to another girl: a new friend he meets in Dungeon Century, his favorite online RPG. But when the game is scheduled to shut down, he knows his adventures with her will soon end. However, the day after the game is shut down, he finds out that Rei and the online girl are one and the same. Soon after, Rei gives Suigin a new game meant to replace Dungeon Century—a tomb raiding game called Grave Buster. But when Rei is suddenly kidnapped, Suigin is pulled inside Grave Buster to save her.
უყურეთ? შეაფასეთ!
(19 107-ჯერ)
The Silver Guardian
ასაკობრივი შეზღუდვა:
სულ მიმოხილვები: 9
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    1. Pawex
      Pawex 12 April 2022 02:30
      gaagrzdelet es anime ra

    1. Giorgi Sirbiladze

      მეორე სეზონი არ აქვს ხო?


    1. lol
      lol 3 July 2021 18:14

      კარგი ანიმეა??

    1. Pawex
      Pawex 1 July 2021 16:54

      გაახმოვანეთ მეორე სეზონი რა



    1. DeMeAnImE
      DeMeAnImE 19 June 2021 16:49

      es anime bolomde ido da rato agar aris bolomde?


    1. nikaxonelia

      მეორე სეზონი აქვს?


    1. ODOAKRIFun
      ODOAKRIFun 22 March 2021 21:08

      როდის გაახმოვანეთ მეორე სეზონს?

    1. Leonardo17
      Leonardo17 14 March 2021 21:19
      am animes meore sezoni aqvs??

    1. Neilasa
      Neilasa 14 March 2021 16:38
      meore sezonic akvs

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