მთარგმნელი: JAPMEDIA
19-02-2022, 11:17
1 692-ჯერ
წელი: 2009
ავტორი: Hirano Kouta
გამომქვეყნებელი: Young King OURs
მთარგმნელი: JAPMEDIA
თავები: [ 1 / 80+ ]
ფერი: white
ასაკობრივი შეზღუდვა: 17+
At the start of the Edo period, the samurai Toyohisa Shimazu is in the midst of a bloody battle against the legendary Tokugawa clan to ensure the successful retreat of the Shimazu clan forces.

After his entire unit is massacred, Toyohisa manages to single-handedly force the enemy to withdraw—at the cost of being mortally wounded. Walking out of the battlefield dejected, he mysteriously finds himself in a white hallway, where he’s immediately thrown into a door. He awakens in a different world, and there he encounters "Drifters," other legendary warriors who died and ended up in the same realm. Together, they use the knowledge and experience from their past lives in order to take over an empire and fight against an unknown force of evil that intends to crush all humanity.

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